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June 18, 2019
Product Overview
After the devastating loss of his father as a young boy, Peter Ranos denies the presence of God in his life and decides to take matters into his own hands. Years later, Peter’s life is riddled with problems: financial ruin, unemployment, and, ultimately, marital challenges. In Peter’s mind, all he needs is one big break to make things right — but every time a break is near, something happens to set him back even further. When Peter’s world finally collapses around him, his despair awakens a divine experience and he can no longer deny the power of God. All he has to do is accept God’s love and lean on a power greater than his own…but will he?

Cast: Benjamin A. Onyango, Barry Vandyke, Alisa Reyes, Frank Ashmore, Peter Jason, Ella Joyce, John Savage
Director(s): Rick Irvin, George Vincent
Writer(s): George Vincent
Producer(s): Rick Irvin, George Vincent
Rating: NR
Runtime: 101 min.
Language/Subtitles: English, Spanish Subtitles, English SDH
Dove Review
HEAVENLY DEPOSIT soars as a faith-based film, clearly demonstrating the shifting in life that comes from letting go and letting God! As one memorable line in the film says it so well, "When you are taking your last shot to win the game, would you rather shoot it yourself or give the ball to Michael Jordan?" In this case, giving the ball to God guarantees victory. Peter Ranos (George Vincent) is a struggling actor and out of work; his wife Ellie (Kristina Denton) works at a beauty salon. They are struggling financially and about to lose their home. Things go from bad to worse as Peter begins selling off various valuables in order to save their home. He even sells the stamp collection that belong to his deceased father, and the loss of his dad is something Peter has never gotten over. They were inseparable until his father died. Not only was he close to his dad, but Peter hasn’t spoken to God since his father passed. When Peter learns that Ellie is pregnant, the stress becomes almost unbearable, especially when his car is towed away and he has to pay a fine for having a garage sale without a permit.The low food supply, the near-empty gas tank, the emergency medical care, the late house payments are all examples of difficulties that many couples have faced at one time or another. The movie is one that most people can relate to. Peter has the support of his mother and his good friend, Matt, who do what they can to help keep Ellie and him afloat. Peter lands a job at a frame shop and auditions for what could be a permanent acting job. When tragedy strikes and Ellie winds up in the hospital, an unlikely meeting with a man named Tony could change Peter’s life. As Peter gazes at a sign that says, "Trust in the Lord" he is faced with a decision. Does he talk once more to God, the very being he needs the most and hasn’t spoken to since his dad died? Can he find it in his heart to let go and let God? The movie features wonderful themes of enjoying the little things in life, valuing family and friends, and maintaining a personal relationship with the Lord. Due to the various dramatic moments in the film, including tension and disagreements between a husband and wife, we are awarding this faith-friendly movie our Dove Seal for Ages 12+. George Vincent frequents many scenes in the film, and his solid, well- defined acting as the character of Peter helps give character and dramatic tension to this story and brings it to life. He makes Peter a character you care about.
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Heavenly Deposit Official Trailer
Heavenly Deposit Official Trailer