Street Date:
May 06, 2008
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Home Entertainment
Product Overview
OPRAH WINFREY PRESENTS: MITCH ALBOM'S FOR ONE MORE DAY, adapted from Albom's best-selling book, is brought to life by an award-winning cast, including Ellen Burstyn and Michael Imperioli. Chick Benetto (Imperioli), a broken-down former baseball player who has collapsed into alcoholism and despair, returns one night to his small hometown with plans to take his life. At the final moment, he is magically granted one more day with his departed mother, Posey Benetto (Burstyn), who illuminates the secrets of both their lives and shows him a way to redemption. , Samantha Mathis and Scott Cohen also star. Michael Imperioli's son, Vadim Imperioli, plays the role of the younger Chick in his acting debut.

Cast: Michael Imperioli, Ellen Burstyn, Samantha Mathis
Director: Lloyd Kramer
Rating: NR
WS/FF: Wide & 1.33 Full Frame
Runtime: 92 min.
Language/Subtitles: English, Spanish Subtitles
About Mitch Albom's For One More Day - DVD
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