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Known for their warmth, wit and original harmonies, the Statler Brothers are the most awarded act in the history of country music. They were country's premier group for nearly 40 years, beginning as backup singers for Johnny Cash and going on to record a long line of their own hits including "Flowers On The Wall," "Class Of '57," "I'll Go To My Grace Loving You,""Do You Know You Are My Sunshine," "Elizabeth" and others.

In additon to recording albums, the Statlers made their mark in television starring in their own variety show on The Nashville Network (TNN). The group was loved perhaps as much for its sense of humor as for its music, and "The Statler Brothers Show" held the No. 1 spot on the network during its entire seven-season run, becoming the highest-rated show in TNN's history.

Each episode opened with the Statlers performing one of their biggest hits, along with comedic interludes from the group featuring Harold Reid. One of the most popular segments was "Yesteryear," a nostalgic piece in which the Statlers performed songs and recalled events that occurred during a particular year in history. And, each episode closed with the Statlers performing a gospel song.

Millions of viewers loved "The Statler Brothers Show," and for the first time, these classic performances are available in a seven-DVD set sold exclusively through the Gaither label.
About The Best Of The Statler Brothers T.V. Shows (Season One/Live In The United States/1991)
The Statlers Brothers, Harold Reid, Phil Balsley, Jimmy Fortune and Don Reid, were the premier group in country music for nearly forty years. Entering the business in 1964 as the backup voices for Johnny Cash on stage, record and TV, they served their apprenticeship with him for 8 1/2 years. During that time they recorded their first hit record, “Flowers on the Wall”, and were regulars on the weekly Johnny Cash Show on ABC TV.

Leaving the Cash troupe in 1972, they continued with such hit records as “Bed of Rose’s”, “Class of ’57″ and “I’ll Go to My Grave Loving You”. Their original harmonies, sense of humor and lyrical style of writing highlighted a career that led them to the top of the music charts countless times and to a concert touring success that packed arenas and theaters with every performance. Their award winning (Grammies, CMA’s, Gold and Platinum records and etc) is legendary and they are considered to be the most honored of any act in the country music field.

The 90s saw them starring in their own television series, The Statler Brothers Show, on TNN, The Nashville Network for seven years and remaining the number one show on the network its entire run. Deciding to retire from a lifetime of traveling and enjoy the good life in their homes in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia, they gave their farewell concert in the fall of 2002.
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