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March 08, 2016
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The Bible Stories: Abraham follows the life and times of one of the most recognizable figures in Judeo-Christian religions. Abraham is a shepherd who heeds a divine command to take his wife, Sarah, and leave their home for a new land where Abraham will become ‘Father of Nations.’ Abraham and Sarah face many trials during their journey, but none so painful as their inability to conceive a child. When at last Sarah gives birth to their son, Isaac, both Abraham and Sarah are filled with love towards their child. But God still had the ultimate test of faith in store for Abraham when he commands Abraham to sacrifice Isaac. Through his genuine belief and obedience to God, Abraham is rewarded and his child is saved.

Starring: Richard Harris, Barbara Hershey, Maximilian Schell and Vittorio Gassman.

Demo: Family with kids and Christians

DVD Specs
Genre: Family/Religious
Production Year: 1993
Rating: NR
WS/FF: 4 x3
Run Time: 187 min 
Language: English 
Subtitles: Yes
About The Bible Stories: Abraham
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