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February 17, 2015
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This family favorite is now in its 71st year.
Loyal readers are drawn to Ideals magazine for its celebration of life's most treasured moments. Now in its seventh decade of publication, this holiday favorite continues to bring inspiration to readers.

The Easter issue includes heartwarming text, alongside beautiful, full-color photographs and fine art reproductions. Essays and poetry from writers such as Pamela Kennedy and Eileen Spinelli tap into the joy and hope of this bright season. The original Easter story is told through Bible passages accompanied by fine art. Kennedy also explores the history of a classic Easter hymn, which is presented alongside sheet music and the song's lyrics. Family Recipes, a reader favorite, features Easter-appropriate recipes to prepare and share. Ideals, a part of the Easter holiday for seven decades, delivers hope and warmth through its pages once again this spring season.

Publisher: Worthy
Imprint: Ideals
Format:Trade Paper
Title: Easter Ideals 2015
Author:Melinda Rumbaugh, Editor
In-Store Date:2/17/15
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Pages: 64
About Melinda Rumbaugh
Melinda Rumbaugh grew up in southern Illinois, reading past her bedtime whenever she could get away with it. As an editor at WorthyKids/Ideals, she still spends a lot of time reading, though stealth and flashlights are rarely necessary. She lives in Brentwood, Tennessee, with her husband, Erik, and their two cats, Qwerty and Gizmo.