Street Date:
June 10, 2014
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Product Overview
Fresh off a stellar collegiate basketball career, aspiring professional basketball star, Damon Sharp, returns to his hometown in Chicago quickly to discover a more challenging game off the court. His former life and old bad habits abruptly challenge his newfound faith in God. Damon’s dreams of playing pro ball hang in the balance while he faces the circling demons of his past, which are being beckoned by his brother Darrin, who’s on a fast track to jail. Devastated by some news, temptation gets the better of Damon, weakness takes root and the downward spiraling ensues. Moving back into his childhood home unveils his mother’s severe depression and his brother’s growing penchant for trouble despite being a single dad, exposing his young nephew’s vulnerability. An intimate portrait of the two brothers emerges when they are suddenly forced to re-examine their lives, loyalty, love and their own limitations. Ultimately the choices they make reveal their true character when one of them takes a shot in life that will set the course for everyone’s life forever.

Director: Jason Fields

Stars: Jason Fields, Sean Douglas, Roger Powell Jr, Allan Houston

Production Year: 2012

Key Selling Points:
  • Theatrical release in specific markets late April/May (15 markets)
  • Marketing and PR promotional efforts to support 6/10 release date at retailers & digital accounts
  • Church and youth group screenings utilized to promote theatrical, DVD and digital
  • Inspiring drama that interweaves sports and faith. Familiar basketball themes of perseverance, overcoming personal/family challenges that fans of sports understand and love.
  • Includes and has garnered the support of several real-life NBA stars (e.g. Alan Houston, Austin Daye, Greivis Vasquez, etc.);

    Target: Audiences 13+, male skew; Christian/Faith audience, Basketball fans
    Comp Titles: Home Run, Ring the Bell, Winning Favor

    Studio: Midrange
    Rating: PG-13
    Screen Format: WS 1.78:1
    Language: English
    # of Disc: 1
    Runtime: 109 minutes
    Genre: Sports / Faith
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