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March 04, 2014
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Synopsis: PILATE and the Roman legate VETURIUS look on worriedly as JESUS is celebrated as the new messiah in Jerusalem. JUDAS is delighted by the reception Jesus is receiving, and quickly wants to win over the influential merchants to the cause which would make Jesus the king and the liberator of the Jews. The next day Jesus drives all the moneylenders out of the temple and incurs the full wrath of the city's merchants and high family is arrested when an attempt to assassinate Pilate failed. During the Last Supper Judas thinks of a solution: if he delivers Jesus up to the Romans, his family will be freed and Jesus himself would have to prove that he really has divine power. But Judas' plan doesn't work: Although his family is freed, Judas waits in vain for Jesus to demonstrate his power. Instead he dies on the Cross. In utter despair, Judas commits suicide.

Production Year: 2001

Director: Elisabeta Marchetti, Raffaele Mertes

Enrico Lo Verso as Judas - Award winning actor: Won Los Angeles Italian Film Award, Roseto First Work Festival, Sannio Filmfest. Known for Academy Award Nominated "Farinella", "Hannibal", "Lamerica" (winner of 10 awards)
Danny Quinn (Son of Anthony Quinn)

  • Strong performing genre
  • Perfectly timed for Easter
  • Target: Male/Female ?? 18-85

    Comp Titles: Book of Daniel, Book of Esther

    Rating: NA
    Screen Format: WS 1.78:1
    Language: English
    Subtitles: NO
    CC: NO
    # of Disc: 1
    Runtime: 90 minutes
    Genre: Drama/Christian

  • About Judas - Close To Jesus
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