Street Date:
October 20, 2009
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Home Entertainment
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An entertaining film for the entire family, OZZIE is centered on a cute, cuddly Koala who is unique in a special way…he talks! When evil businesswoman Maxine Happy conspires to clone the wondrous creature to sell to stores in time for the holiday season, she dispatches two bumbling henchmen to the Australian outback to bring him to America. On the plane, Ozzie escapes and hides in the backpack of Justin, an 8-year-old boy, returning from vacation with his mom. Ozzie soon gets into every kind of mischief imaginable and he and Justin become best friends. But, Ozzie begins to feel homesick and, even though he knows he'll miss him, Justin recognizes that he must help Ozzie return to Australia. Before they can figure out how Ozzie can get home, the goons appear and snatch Ozzie from Justin's house. Now, Justin must enlist the help of his closest friends, and use every gadget, gimmick and trick at their disposal to rescue Ozzie and teach the villains a lesson they'll never forget!

Dove Approval: All Ages
Rating: “not rated”
Run Time: 87 Mins
Dove Review
FOR FANS OF: Benji, The Shaggy Dog, Dr. Doolittle, Fluke, Good Boy